Satisfaction mark by Adrian Corston 5 years ago

It looks like a path to web.config is being calculated incorrectly at a late stage during the install, missing the "Identity Broker" folder.

Under review

Yes, there appears to be an issue with the installer. To help with prioritisation, could you please confirm that you are installing the web component on a separate box?

I am installing it on the same box as the Broker Service.

Since I created this ticket I've been told that if IIS is on the same box as the Broker Service then it can be pointed to the "Web" folder from the Broker Service, rather than requiring a separate "StandaloneWeb" installation.  That wasn't obvious to me, from any of the documentation I've read (or I somehow missed it).

Hi guys,

I am installing UNIFYBroker/Web v5.3.2 RTM x64 on a separate web server and this problem is still occurring.

Hi Adrian, I've uploaded new versions of the web installers for v5.3.2 which have this issue corrected

Thanks, I'll give it a go.

Worked great, please close this ticket.  Thanks!