Aurion API error -1: Unable to write XML stream to E:\Unify\Lifehouseperson.xml; Status is -4

Ryan Crossingham 11 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Aurion updated by anonymous 9 years ago 5

Receiving the same error as mentioned in SALMAT-23..

Attempted to clear the XML_FILE_PATH value as mentioned by Patrick Johannessen - as a result, Aurion defaults back to a local path.
When setting the path still receiving the permission error mentioned above.

Which service account should have permissions to the XML_FILE_PATH?

I understand this an in old issue and may be stretching memory - But any help would be appreciated

Last email response by Lifehouse:

Hi Ryan,

I tried removing the xml output path and while saving, it gets defaulted to a path (Z:) which won’t be accessible for adminunify account. So now I have saved E:\Unify\lifehouseperson.xml as the output path and ran the query which created an XML file in the path mentioned. I don’t know if this will fix the issue, but you can use the xml file in \\LH-HR-DEV-01.lifehouserpa.org.au\Unify$ share which is accessible for LIFEHOUSERPA\adminunify.


Jerome Roosan
Corporate Systems Database Administrator
Phone: +61 2 8514 0893
Mobile: +61 411 375 384

The LIFEHOUSERPA\adminunify. user Jerome mentions is purely an admin account not the idB service account.

Hi Ryan,

It's the Aurion service account, don't know any more than that. Looking at our test environment there's 3 for us;

  • Aurion10 Demo AURPROD Urouter
  • Aurion10 Demo REPOSPROD Urouter
  • Aurion10 Demo Tomcat7

It's probably one of the first two in our case, but all three are run under "Local System" and I'm hesitant to change it in case it breaks.

Is it possible to set up a dummy directory that everything has write access to?

Only just saw your latest reply. Not possible to just clear the path, it needs to write the file somewhere before it sends it over the wire. Permission have nothing to do with any UNIFY software, this is entirely Aurion at work, not IdB. We also don't access the file directly - keep in mind it also has the sensitive data in it, so I'd suggest the Aurion machine save it somewhere locally on the Aurion machine that nothing has access to. The web service (which we log in to with Aurion credentials) takes care of getting it from the machine to you, there doesn't need to be (and I'd recommend against) having all that HR data in any share folder.


Thanks Patrick
Will have LH mod the directory permissions to everyone / Aurion service accounts and go from there.

Added these three equiv in their environment:

Aurion10 Demo AURPROD Urouter
Aurion10 Demo REPOSPROD Urouter
Aurion10 Demo Tomcat7

Thanks for your help Patrick.