"A task was cancelled' when refreshing connector schema

Carol Wapshere 5 years ago updated by Beau Harrison (Senior Product Software Engineer) 5 years ago 5

After upgrading to Aurion connector, on Broker, I cannot update the schema for most of my connectors. After choosing "Query fields" it appears to run for 1-2 minutes then fails with "A task was cancelled". I can't see anything in the IDB log file relating to this. The Full Import of the connector runs.

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How long does the import take to run? The "task was cancelled" message usually means the UI timed out waiting for the Broker service to respond.

Do you actually need to use the Query fields schema provider? Could you just use the hard coded schema providers for the standard fields and add any custom fields manually?

I just ran a Full Import on one of the ones I can't refresh and it ran in under 4 minutes.

There's another connector that is able to refresh the schema, but that is only returning a handful of records and runs in a few seconds.

On manual - yes I could but I would prefer to refresh, and this is something the connector should be able to do. A new person has taken over on the Aurion side at the customer, has decided that everything needs to change from before even though she doesn't really understand it. I don't want to just trust what she's told me, I want the connector to show me what fields have changed.


This bug has be resolve with the release of v5.3.1 RTM. The UI API timeout is now a default of 10 minutes and can be configured. See Configuring API Access for the Web Component for more information.