Configuring API Access for the Web Component

The UNIFYBroker Web Component operates the UNIFYBroker service through an API. By default, the UNIFYBroker Web Component is configured to use the default UNIFYBroker API. If the UNIFYBroker API is reconfigured, the Web Component must also be reconfigured to use it correctly.


The following configuration is located in the Web\Web.config file.

Inside the appSettings element in the configuration element, find the following:

<add key="apiAddress" value="{apiAddress}" />

and update the {apiAddress} to match that of the desired API.


If the desired API has authentication configured, the following elements must also be configured:

<add key="api:AuthorizeSetting" value="AADBearer" />
<add key="api:Tenant" value="{Tenant}" />
<add key="api:AADInstance" value="{0}" />
<add key="api:UIServiceResourceId" value="{UIServiceResourceId}" />
<add key="api:UIClientId" value="{UIClientId}" />
<add key="api:UIAppKey" value="{UIAppKey}" />

The above five settings should be configured as follows:

TenantThe tenant setting of the target API.
UIServiceResourceIdThe audience setting of the target API.
UIClientIdThe ID of the client application representing UNIFYBroker.
UIAppKeyThe secret key from the client application representing UNIFYBroker.

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