Attributes available for writeback in Identity Broker for Aurion

Peter Wass 12 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Aurion updated by anonymous 9 years ago 5

I know that earlier versions of the Aurion broker were artificially limited to writing back telephone number only with EMP_UPD_PERS. Has that restriction been lifted? If so, is it all attributes available in the API Function of just a select number?

It was only artificial in the sense that the other attributes just hadn't been coded - I don't believe they were ever hidden intentionally.

There are more attributes available now. It's intended to be all 40~ of them, but what I discovered when looking at FINANCE-64 is that I may have forgotten to update one particular mapping section and it may be limited to 20~.

Are there specific ones you're interested in or would you be more comfortable if I just put out another version that does it properly?

Currently NEWS needs Email and Telephone. If those work I'm happy.

BTW - I assume there is no write back to schedules at this point.

I can confirm that ContactPhoneNo and EmailAddress will be fine for employees.

Regarding schedules, the original Unify.Connectors.Aurion.Schedule (which pre-dates any work I've done) appears to support the EMP_SCHED_EMP function, but with only updates to EMPLOYEE_NO, ENTERPRISE_CODE_AGREEMENT and PAY_POINT_CODE I'm not sure how that would help you at all. I may be able to add other fields, I don't have the full doco here to check. I do have a list of all the functions though, and these others might be of some interest:


If you think you might need some more work done and the API supports it, let me know and we'll arrange something.

The only one we need is EMP_SCHED_EMP. The rest are pay details things and I'm not touching them.

No, wouldn't recommend it. Tony was kind enough to check the manual for me and he tells me there's actually about 36~ attributes that function supports, so I'll update it and fix the rest of the Employee attributes when I get back to Brisbane. I'll test as much as I can but none of our Aurion machines are in a particularly good state, as you know.