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Aurion Security User not set on export

Sean Little 5 days ago in UNIFYBroker/Aurion • updated 8 hours ago 3

Hi Guys,

We seem to have uncovered a possible bug with the Aurion connector. We have 2 issues with our solution - firstly that the OsUserId on the Aurion Security User is initally populated with an incorrect value (not an IDB issue).

However, when the solution attempts to update this value with the correct value (as set n AD), it does not appear to persist in Aurion.

The export is lined up as an update, and successfully exports from the MA through IDB without error, however the value is not actually set on the Security User object within Aurion.

A subsequent delta import results in an exported-change-not-reimported error on the MA.

The environment is using IDB v5.3.1 and communicating with Aurion v11.4.6

We will also provide the version of the Aurion connector soon



Affected Versions:
IDB 5.3.1
Fixed by Version:
Under review

Hi Guys,

As mentioned, the Aurion connector is version



Hi Sean,

Has this issue occurred consistently since installing the connector, or has this only recently started occurring? If only recently, has anything changed in the solution or the environment around the time the issue started occurring? Does this occur in more than one environment, and is it reproduceable in an environment you can easily test in (quick ability to apply patches, access to network tracing tools, etc.)?

Hi Curtis,

Apologies for the delay in response. I have passed these questions on to the customer and am currently awaiting a response. I will let you know when I receive one.