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Attributes with the same name - Read-Only problem in MIM

Paul Zelenewicz 5 months ago in UNIFYBroker/Aurion • updated 5 months ago 4

UNIFYBroker v5.3.1

Aurion API Connector v5.3.0

MIM 2016SP1 - 4.4.1749.0


I have an 'Aurion Person' adapter and an 'Aurion ESS' adapter - each with an attribute called PersonNumber.

In 'Aurion Person' the attribute is read-only, in 'Aurion ESS' the attribute is not read-only.

Broker settings - Single Schema mode is false.

When I create the Aurion ESS Management Agent in MIM and attempt to setup an export attribute flow to  PersonNumber, MIM reports that the attribute is read-only.

It makes no difference if I create the ESS management agent before the Person management agent (even in a vanilla MIM database).

If I apply a rename transform to the PersonNumber in the ESS adapter I am able to setup an export attribute flow to the renamed attribute (i.e., ESSPersonNumber).


Is it a specific requirement for Broker to maintain unique attribute names throughout different adapters? 

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There is no requirement for name uniqueness across adapters unless using single schema mode.

Are you able to trace the schema request when setting up the MA?

Does an attribute rename transformation on one of the attributes fix up the issue?

Does an attribute rename transformation on one of the attributes fix up the issue?

Didn't see you had already answered this. Is this suitable workaround for now and we address this when we can?

Yeah that's not a problem. I've already applied the rename to avoid the issue during migration.

attached: upload of pcap file from correct ethernet adapter