time offset and sliding date window

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I need some help with 2 items : time offset and sliding date window in IdB Adapter transformations for a customer. They have chris21 as the source system.

IdB version: 4.1

Q1: Sliding Date Window

When an employee starts on a new position from a specific date (i.e 05 June 2018) the data flows in the connector and the data transformation is applied a day earlier(i.e on 04th June 2018). The implication is the job title is changed the day before the correct date. the customer wants to know whats wrong.

The transformation as configured: 

Q2: Time offset

When a user is terminated in chris21, he gets a termdate set and a simple transformation is applied to set the terminated flag as "True"/"False". But for example if a user has term date is 02 july 2018, by logic, it should add 24 hrs and set terminated flag to "true" 03 july 2018 midnight, but the terminated flag is set to "true" only around mid next day(i.e 04 july 2018 midday). Need some help fixing this issue.

Please help me to know where the issue is, thanks. really appreciate and thanks in advance

I have attached the Adapter xml, if you want for reference. Thanks.

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A1: What are the values for posstart and posend fields? A Broker Date field is a timestamp with the time component forced to 00:00:00, so even if the timestamp value from chris is 4-6-2018 23:59:59, the corresponding date value in Broker will be 4-6-2018. Use the offset fields to adjust.

A2: Looking at your configuration, the sliding date window from Q1 is configured for local date values but the time offset flag transformation is not. Figure out what the correct setting should be, then if the flag is still being set incorrectly, follow the same process from A1. Also, offset used should be whole days for date fields due to the explanation above.

Hey Beau, with the way time offsets work here, does this mean that clients should have their jobs start and end on the same day?

E.g., since all dates in Identity Broker start at midnight if job title B begins on the 20th of July, job title A should have their last day listed as the 20th of July also.