Simple way to test aurion connectivity for Identity Broker

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Identity Broker needs to keep a connection open to Aurion for an extended period of time and we can have problems with proxies and firewalls cutting the connection. Is there something we can give to the network guys at a customer to prove to them where the connection is being cut? I am thinking either a test they could do themselves that keeps the connection open for the right length of time and in the right way, or some kind of network diagnostic we could run from the IB server.

Is there something we can give to the network guys at a customer to prove to them where the connection is being cut?

No, there's no way to prove anything. It will never be as simple as running a function and being able to pinpoint if there's any problems, and if there are, where they're coming from.

At best, we could take the existing test harness Shane and I developed internally, turn it in to something more "customer-ready" and use it as an early litmus test. Even then, if the test harness works it only proves that it may work and if it doesn't work that it may fail. In order to start pinpointing where the difficulties are it will always require some analysis. Shane and I can certainly do this and I expect Peter/Mark could as well.

If the biggest problem is that we're discovering too late in a project that there's a problem (i.e. not until Identity Broker for Aurion is correctly installed/configured), then commercializing that test harness so that we can discover potential problems before any of the real work is done may be of benefit. I'll talk to Shane shortly about whether or not this is something we want to explore for the next version.

I would however like to stress than this problem is not isolated to Aurion nor is it really IdB's responsibility to deal with these sorts of issues - it's just technical knowledge that everyone should be familiar with when doing any work of this kind. We already have a lot of knowledge on here about how to diagnose and solve these things (Operation fails with timeout error, Time out of Tomcat web service, Aurion project risks, Design Considerations and many more). As far as things like proxy diagnosis goes, that's entirely on the client. We should only get involved if the product doesn't allow for reasonable use cases, as it hasn't always but we're always willing to fix - see IDBAUR-21 as an example.

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