New Features


  • Simplified user interface role based authorization
  • Updated auto configuration to place operation lists in exclusion group to account for MIM change that stops concurrent sync operations
  • Added the ability for MIM Agent to track Management Agent id changes
  • Added Identity Broker port to list of known ports for the REST agent
  • Changed Operation List stop action to be considered a success if it is the success action
  • Updated the auto configuration to not default to another run profile if an export run profile cannot be found
  • Updated operation list execute plugin to honour disabled operation list status
  • Suppressed incorrect exception when LDAP Listen operation is recycled
  • Added the ability for the FIM Portal Workflow to be disabled inside the workflow
  • Made Operation List user interface clearer
  • Changed the default (unset) operation list execute plugin name to include the name of the target operation list
  • Updated user interface hints for Active Directory agent
  • Updated user interface for Operation List Last Execution to include additional information
  • Added operation list names to log entries that only contained their id's
  • Added file hash setting to file changes check operation
  • Updated Sync Changes check operation to calculate the root server OU instead of taking the full supplied path
  • Improved performance of Clear Run History operation

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed user interface issue with pending export operation so that the list of management agents is repopulated
  • Fixed PowerShell operation so that save doesn't fail when a large script is provided

Known Issues

IssueFixed By
Operation lists configured for EvB version fail on first run after upgrade to

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