Standard Operations


A standard operation is any operation contained within the tree structure of an operation list.


Standard operations are stored and run within a tree structure.

Shared Standard Configuration

The following configuration settings are common to all standard operations:

Name Description
Retries Dictates the number of times an operation will consecutively retry following a failed execution attempt.
Retry wait time The time delay between consecutive retry attempts.
Success Action The action to be taken should the operation execution succeed.
Failure Action The action to be taken should the operation execution fail.

The following options are available for the Success Action and Failure Action settings:

Type Description
Run next operation The next operation in the tree will be run.
Run child operation The first child of the current operation will be run.
Stop operation list execution Operation list execution will cease.
TIP: See Operation List Branching for further details.

Standard Operations

The following standard operations are available:

The following operations operate in a paired nature. These work together with the appropriate changes operation by acknowledging detected changes. It is recommended that these be placed at the end of the operation list. This ensures the check operation will continue to detect changes until the operation list has successfully completed.

Operation Standard Operation

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