E-mail Log Writer


The e-mail logger can be used to send log entries to a specified e-mail address.

Sent emails will contain the message of individual logs as the email message, with information about the source and severity in the subject heading.


Use of this logger is encouraged in conjunction with a log filter in order to reduce the number of e-mails sent, as UNIFYNow can create a lot of logging information.


The email log writer requires the following by way of configuration:

Image 3565

Attribute Description
Name The display name of the log writer which is used for identification throughout UNIFYNow.
From Address The e-mail address that log items will appear to be sent from.
Reply To Address The reply-to address that will be set in e-mails that have been sent.
Sender Address The sender address to be set in e-mails that will be sent.
SMTP Host The hostname of SMTP server that will be used to send e-mails.
Subject Prefix The prefix of the subject title of e-mails.
To Address. The address that e-mails will be sent to.

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