Run Profile Operation


A Run Profile operation executes a specified run profile, from a specified management agent, within a specific MIM instance.

Technical Requirements

A Run Profile operation requires the following in order to operate:

  • An active MIM, FIM or ILM instance
  • Sufficient permissions on the UNIFYNow service account to execute MIM WMI commands
  • A pre-configured MIM agent


The Run Profile operation can be used at any point in an operation list, and can be used to run a full/delta import, or full/delta synchronization, or any configured run profile on a management agent (including multi-step operations). It is recommended that some thought is given to run profile selection. This will largely be determined by the containing operation list type and purpose.

It is also recommended to review the Operational Considerations when considering the formation of an operation list.


In addition to the common configuration settings shared by all Changes Operations, a MIM agent and a Management Agent is selected. The Run Profile operation requires the following by way of configuration:



Run Profile Name

The name of the run profile for the specified management agent, e.g. "Delta Import Delta Sync"

CHECK: A Microsoft Identity Manager agent is required to configure a Run Profile operation.

If there is only one MIM agent configured, it will be used by default.

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A Run Profile operation execution will be considered successful if the status returned from MIM matches one of the success statuses specified in the MIM agent.

Operation Standard Operation Microsoft Identity Manager

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