Pending Exports Changes Operation


The Pending Exports operation detects whether there are pending changes that need to be exported from a selected Management Agent.

Technical Requirements

The Pending Exports operation requires an active, contactable MIM, FIM or ILM instance with at least one management agent.

WARNING: The selected management agent should support exports, otherwise this operation will always prevent execution.


As a check operation, the operation will only begin operation list execution if changes are detected in the target system for the targeted MIM instance.

Following a successful export on the specified management agent, the changes are marked as processed, and the operation will not continue operation list execution again until further changes are made to the management agent. This operation requires a MIM agent.


After an appropriate MIM agent is selected, and in addition to the common operation configuration settings shared by all changes operations, the Pending Exports operation requires the following by way of configuration:

Name Description
Management Agent Target management agent to check against.
CHECK: A MIM Agent is required to configure an Pending Exports operation.
TIP: If there is only one MIM agent configured, it will be used by default.

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Users of Event Broker v2.x and earlier will note that the "autorun on outgoing provisioning pending" functionality has been replaced with the improved mechanism of operating on a much more flexible schedule. For those requiring near-instant export detection, simply place the profile on an operation list which fires every few seconds.

Be careful to note that export operations in MIM can cause database deadlocks when occurring in conjunction with full synchronization operations on the same connectors. Consequently, it is advisable to avoid this through the use of exclusion groups.

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