Database Query Changes Operation


The Database Query Changes operation determines whether or not a change has been made, by querying a table from a target database, based on whether any rows are returned.

Technical Requirements

The Database Query Changes operation requires an operational target database to check for changes against. The connection must be configured with the correct privileges required to facilitate the connection to the Microsoft SQL Server instance.


The Database Query Changes operation will only allow its encompassing operation list to begin execution if changes are detected in the target Microsoft SQL Server Database or Oracle Database instance.


In addition to the common operation configuration settings shared by all Changes Operations, the Database Query Changes operation requires the following by way of configuration:

Name Description
SQL Query SQL statement to be applied against the target database.
Timeout (in seconds) The time in seconds after the connection is first made to the database after which the connection will sever.
CHECK: A SQL Server agent or Oracle Database agent is required to configure a Database Query Changes operation.

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