Syncronization Status

After a synchronization has completed, the results are reported on the user interface, with the same information being logged. There are several reasons why an entity may not be synchronized successfully and a count of those is displayed.

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An change which is delayed during synchronization has been added to the $delaySync PowerShell component in a synchronization task. Delayed changes will be reattempted then next time the synchronization is run. See the DelaySync Component documentation for more information.


A change which is denied during synchronization has been added to the $denySync PowerShell component in a synchronization task. Denied changes will not be reattempted until the changed source entity is modified and a new change is generated. See the DenySync Component documentation for more information.


Incomplete changes occur when the link is unable to successfully synchronize that change. There are several reasons a change may be incomplete.

Incomplete changes will persist and be reattempted in subsequent synchronizations until the cause of their incompleteness is resolved.

Missing Field used in a Join Condition

If a field on the source schema has been used in a links join condition, that field must be present on all entities being synchronized by that link in that direction. If this is not the case the change cannot be synchronized and is considered incomplete.

Missing Required Field

During an outbound synchronization, if the entity which results from all mapping and alterations made by synchronization tasks has a field with out a value and that field is a required field in the target adapter schema, then synchronization for this change will be considered incomplete.

No Matching Join and Unable to Provision

If during a synchronization if a matching target entity is not found based on the configured join rules, and the link is not configured to provision into the target entity context, then this change will be considered incomplete.

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