Configuring UNIFYBroker for use with PostgreSQL

Introduced with UNIFYBroker v5.3, a PostgreSQL database server can be used instead of Microsoft SQL Server. The following instructions details the process of configuring UNIFYBroker for use with a PostgreSQL database.

Creating the PostgreSQL Database

Log onto the PostgreSQL server with pgAdmin or via the command line tool and create a new database. Ensure the new database is being targeted and run the UNIFYBroker Install PostgreSQL script which is located at <InstallDir>/Database/IdentityBroker Install PostgreSql.sql.

If the PostgreSQL server user account name is not the default postgres, then the above install script will need to be edited to reflect this. Open the SQL script in a text editor and replace all instances of postgres with the correct account name. Note that if the database is hosted on an Azure Database for PostgreSQL server which displays the account name as <name>@<server> then only the name component preceding the @ symbol should be used in the script.

Configure UNIFYBroker

Locate the following extensibility file<InstallDir>/Service/Extensibility/Unify.Framework.Data.DataEnginePlugInKey.extensibility.config.xml. Remove or comment out the existing dataConnection element. In its place, add the following:

<dataConnection name="postgres" repository="Unify.IdentityBroker" type="PostgreSql" connectionString="Host=;Port=;Database=;Username=;Password=" />

Ensure the following values are supplied as part of the connectionString attribute

HostThe host address for the PostgreSql server.
PortThe port for the PostgreSql server.
DatabaseThe name of the UNIFYBroker PostgreSql database.
UsernameThe name PostgreSql user account for UNIFYBroker to use
PasswordThe password for the specified PostgreSql user account.

The connectionString attribute can be further customized to meet environment specific requirements. Note that non-standard connection string values may produce unintended behaviour in UNIFYBroker. See here more for information.

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