UNIFYBroker/Plus Exchange Integration

Exchange policy

The Exchange email address policy is responsible for the format of the email address. A call to the Enable-Mailbox cmdlet will run the policy. The policy can be configured in Exchange (see Create an Email Address Policy).


As a PowerShell script can be called at the end of the synchronisation cycle, administrators are able to use whatever options they choose for Enable-Mailbox, as well as configure the Exchange email address policy to suit their needs.

  1. Email address policy: Call a built-in PowerShell script that makes use of the default email address policy. (See ExchangeProvisioning.ps1 for an example).
  2. Manual email address: Modify the script to use the - PrimarySmtpAddress option. This will bypass the email address policy.
  3. None: The script can be completely cleared to have no additional processing performed at the end of the synchronisation cycle.


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