UNIFYBroker End of Product Life Policy

In order to keep customers on the latest software and provide the best possible experience, UNIFY Solutions provides support and maintenance for each software release for a time limited period. The policy allows for customers and partners to effectively plan, deploy and support UNIFY Solutions' products.


General availability

Support shall be provided during a five (5) year period, timed from the release date of a major or minor versioned software release. Bug fix releases are dated at the previous major or minor release date.

End of product life

At this point general Support for a released version ends.

Limited support

The limited support period provides a one (1) year time limited period for which documentation and downloads will remain available.

Extended support

Extended support can be arranged under some circumstances. Please contact UNIFY Solutions on contactus@unifysolutions.net for details.

For UNIFYBroker 5.3, in light of COVID impacts on feature releases, UNIFY has extended support through to 7th March, 2025.

Product Versions

VersionDate First ReleasedEnd of Product Life

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