UNIFYBroker/Micro Focus Content Manager Data Modelling

Micro Focus Content Manager Locations

Micro Focus Content Manager represents Organisations, People, Positions, Committees, Project Teams, Groups, Venues and Workgroups as individual  Locations.

Each location maintains a series of attributes - such as an ID Number, First Name, Last Name, Business Phone number, Mobile number and many more; additionally, each location is assigned a unique uri identifier. 

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There are some attributes that are actually a collection of values (like email addresses and physical addresses).

These attributes are referred to as children objects and a child connector is required to represent them.

To manage the addresses of a location (Person, Organization etc.) an address child connector will be needed.

Micro Focus Content Manager Children

Locations maintain a number of attributes which are collections of child objects. Each of these child objects maintain a series of attributes, similar to the way that locations maintain their own. Each child object maintains a unique uri identifier, again similarly to locations.

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As of writing, the child objects of a location are locEAddress and locAddress which correspond to Emails and Addresses respectively.

Alongside child objects, individual locations can maintain associations with other locations.

Micro Focus Content Manager Associations

Locations are associated with other locations, which describes the hierarchy of an organisation and control access control in TRIM. 

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Each location maintains a series of associations describing whether the location is:

  • Member Of other locations
  • Supervised By other locations
  • Supervisor Of other locations
  • Delegate Of other locations 
  • Delegates other locations
  • An Administrator Of other locations

Associations deal with locations, which are uniquely identifier by their respective uris.

Relationship between Micro Focus Content Manager and the UNIFYBroker/Micro Focus Content Manager connectors

The locations connector is used to describe all locations in Micro Focus Content Manager. Each attribute of a location is denoted by individual schema fields on the connector of the same name.

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The child connector describes the attributes of the particular child object type (e.g. locEAddress, locAddress).  

Each child object maintains a child uri, and additionally a parent uri which refers to the respective location the child object belongs to.

Ensure that the respective parent location uri exists before exporting new children.

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The associations connector describes the associations between locations. 

These associations are represented by a collection of uris in the schema field corresponding to the name of the association.

Ensure that the source uri of the association connector entity exists in Micro Focus Content Manager, as well as the associated locations.

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