HPE Content Manager Locations Connector


The HPE Content Manager Locations connector is a reading, writing, and deleting connector provided by UNIFYBroker/HPE Content Manager.

This connector encapsulates the attributes in HPE Content Manager locations and is typically implemented in conjunction with an associations and child connector to describe all location data.

Technical Requirements

The HPE Content Manager Locations connector has no additional requirements following the listed connector prerequisites.


This connector encapsulates the attributes in HPE Content Manager locations of one HPE Content Manager instance.

Reading Yes
Writing Yes
Deleting Yes
Polling Yes
NOTE: Polling operations are only supported by agents configured for REST endpoints.


Fields in a HPE Content Manager Locations connector refer to individual location attributes of the same name.

The schema provider for this connector will request all known attributes from the location object from the target HPE Content Manager instance.


A HPE Content Manager Location connector maintains the following configuration:

Name Description
Collection Size Requests made to the source instance are batched. This size describes the number of entities that will be processed per batch.

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