Micro Focus Content Manager Child Connector


The Micro Focus Content Manager Child connector is a reading and writing connector provided by  UNIFYBroker/Micro Focus Content Manager.

This connector encapsulates the attributes in the selected location child object (e.g. locEAddress, locAddress). 

Technical Requirements

The Micro Focus Content Manager Child connector has no additional requirements following the listed connector prerequisites.


This connector encapsulates the attributes in the selected location child object.

Reading Yes
Writing Yes
Deleting No
Polling Yes

Consideration will need to be taken when designing the solution as to how the available parent uris will be retrieved.

It is recommended to use this connector in conjunction with the locations connector to expose the list of known locations to the respective foreign identity management platform.

NOTE: Polling operations are only supported by agents configured for REST endpoints.


Fields in the Micro Focus Content Manager Child connector refer to individual attributes of the same name.

Entities of this connector maintain both a ChildUri and Uri value. 

  • The Uri field refers to the uri of the parent location of the child object.
  • The ChildUri field refers to the uri of the child object itself.

The schema provider for this connector will request all known attributes of the selected location child object from the target Micro Focus Content Manager instance.


A Micro Focus Content Manager Child connector maintains the following configuration:

Image 4245

Name Description
Object Type The name of the target location child object type. E.g. locEAddress or locAddress
Collection Size Requests made to the source Content Manager instance are batched. This size describes the number of entities that will be processed per batch.

Filter Query

The Child connector allows the filtering of locations retrieved from Micro Focus Content Manager with a API query. For information on how to write a query, see Filtering Connectors with an API Query.

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