Microsoft SharePoint WCF User Profile Connector


Microsoft SharePoint WCF User Profile Connector facilitates the reading, writing, deleting and polling of users from Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and 2013.

The user profile connector achieves this by making calls via the SharePoint 2010/2013 WCF Service.

Technical Requirements

As described in the Prerequisites, the SharePoint 2010 WCF Service or SharePoint 2013 WCF Service must be installed.

The SharePoint 2010/2013 User Profile connector can be used to read, write, delete and poll users from a single Microsoft SharePoint 2010 or 2013 instance.

This connector utilizes the Microsoft SharePoint WCF Agent.

Reading Yes
Writing Yes
Deleting Yes
Polling Yes


Fields in a SharePoint 2010/2013 User Profile connector schema refer to individual user profile fields of the same name.

The schema providers for this connector will retrieve all known user profile fields for the target instance and map their value types and key settings. The two providers differ with how the AccountName field is configured. For solutions where the SharePoint account name is based on a claim, the string based provider should be used; otherwise select the distinguished name based provider. The AccountName should be the only key field in the connector.


Microsoft SharePoint WCF User Profile Connector connector maintains the following configuration:

Image 4234

Name Description
Page Size User profiles are retrieved in pages. This defines the total number of entities to be retrieved on each individual request. 500 is default
Max Items in Object Graph Overrides the SharePoint service's maximum number of objects in the WCF object graph. This value should only be changed if issues are encountered with large page sizes.
Replace Wide Ampersands Whether or not wide ampersand characters added by SharePoint are replaced by regular ampersands in fields.
Domain Name Casing Whether the casing should be altered for the domain name part of the account name field. Only applicable when the AccountName field is configured as a distinguished name.
Enforce SID History Determines whether profiles should retain their SID history following an account rename.

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