HPE Content Manager Agent


HP Trim agent is an agent provided by UNIFYBroker/HP TRIM. It is a shared component between all UNIFYBroker/HP TRIM  connectors


HP Trim agent maintains the following configuration:

Name Description
Web Service Version The version of the HP Trim web service being connected to.
  • SOAPv7: Select for use with HP Trim web service versions 7 and older.
  • SOAPv8: Select for use with HP Records Manager (Trim) web service version 8.
  • RESTv8: Select for use with HP Records Manager (Trim) REST-like web service version 8.
  • RESTv9: Select for use with HPE Content Manager (Trim) REST-like web service version 9.

As well as the above, HP Trim agents also require the configuration of a web service communicator.

The default URI for the SOAPv7 and SOAPv8 services is: http://localhost/TRIMWS/trim.asmx  
The default URI for the RESTv8 service is: http://localhost/HPRMServiceAPI 
The default URI for the RESTv9 service is: http://localhost/HPECMServiceAPI

ALERT: The HP Trim agent, when configured for use with a RESTv9 service, does not support User Defined Properties. See the here for more information.

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