TechnologyOne Financials User Connector


TechnologyOne Financials User connector is a reading and writing Connectors provided by UNIFYBroker/TechnologyOne Financials.

Technical Requirements

The TechnologyOne Financials User connector has no additional requirements following the listed connector Prerequisites and setting up a TechnologyOne Financials Agent.


A TechnologyOne Financials User connector encapsulates the User information available for a target TechnologyOne Financials instance.

Reading Yes
Updating Yes
Adding Yes
Deleting No
Polling No


Fields in a TechnologyOne Financials User connector all refer to individual fields in the target system.

The default schema provider for this connector will return the standard fields.

Image 4205

Alternative schema providers are provided for the audit fields:

Image 4206

Role based information:

Image 4207


TechnologyOne Financials User connector maintains the following configuration:

Image 4208

Password ScriptThe password generator script allows for the initial password to be set. To use, set the $components.Password property to the desired value.

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