Google Apps Org Unit Connector


Google Org Unit connector is a reading, writing and deleting connector provided by  UNIFYBroker/Google Apps

This connector encapsulates the information that is available through the Google Apps org unit API. 

Technical Requirements

The Google Org Unit connector has no additional requirements following that listed connector prerequisites.


A Google Org Unit connector encapsulates Org Unit data which is made available through the Google Apps org unit API.

Reading Yes
Writing Yes
Deleting Yes
Polling No
Modify anchor Yes


The Google Apps Org Unit connector makes available the fields provided by the org unit API of the same name.

Image 4269


The configuration for a Google Org Unit connector is as follows:

Image 4270

Name Description
Org Unit Path

The full path to the organization unit to be used as the filter in the search. Leave blank to not filter.

Search Type

Whether to return all sub-organizations or just immediate children.

  • None: Do not set a value in the search
  • All: All sub-organization units
  • Children: Immediate children only
  • Walk: The same result as All, potentially better performance as it walks down the org tree requesting the children of each item.
Export Synchronicity Allows export operations to be changed from running synchronously. Synchronous: The default setting, which allows for error messages to be propogated to the identity management platform; Asynchronous: Performs operations asynchronously, logging is still performed, however, the return status will always be a success. For asynchronous mode read the documentation before using.

Google Scopes

The service account requires specific scopes to perform certain functions:

Operation Required scope
Reading <a href=""></a>
Writing <a href=""></a>
Deleting <a href=""></a>
Modify anchor<a href=""></a>

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