UNIFYBroker/Aurion Prerequisites

UNIFYBroker requirements

Refer to the UNIFYBroker prerequisites article in the UNIFYBroker product guide.

Aurion requirements

The following are the requirements of the Aurion environment prior to use with the connector.

  • Aurion v10.1.2.04 MR1 or higher.
  • Suitable queries must be configured in Aurion in order to extract data
  • Suitable permissions must be granted to allow access to API functions (see specific connector page for details). It is recommended that an additional, separate security account is used for accessing Aurion so that:

    • Clear identification of all integration activity between Aurion and an
      external application via a dedicated security user account;
    • Full audit of all transactions processed via integration which is clearly identified by security user account;
    • Restriction of functional access required by integrating applications – a
      dedicated security account allows restriction to specific Aurion functions required for integration only.

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