The UNIFYBroker service can be configured and operated programmatically with the use of REST API endpoints.


The configured API endpoints can be viewed from the Settings page. The documentation for an API endpoint can be viewed by visiting /swagger underneath the API root address. For example:

Configured API address: http://localhost:59991/IdentityBroker
API documentation address: http://localhost:59991/IdentityBroker/swagger

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API endpoints can be added by clicking the Add button underneath API Configurations on the Settings page. An API requires the following by way of configuration:

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Description Name
Address The base address of the API.
Controller Mask The collection of controllers that should be operable by this API. Use Ctrl+Click to select multiple controllers. If no controllers are selected, no controller restrictions will be placed on the API.
Authentication Type The type of authentication to use to secure the API.



No authentication is required to connect to an API with the Authentication Type set as None.

Azure Active Directory Bearer

Requires prospective connections to the API to be authenticated against an account in an Azure Active Directory instance. Selecting this Authentication Type requires additional configuration

TenantName of the Azure Active Directory tenant
AudienceIdentifies the authentication request to Azure Active Directory.

Confirming Changes

WARNING: When changes are made to the configuration of an API, a warning appears on the Settings page with a Confirm Change button. Changes to APIs must be confirmed by clicking the Confirm Change button, otherwise the change will be rolled back after two minutes. This is to prevent users from accidentally locking themselves out of control of the service by accidentally deleting or otherwise misconfiguring an API.

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Generating Client Code

C# or TypeScript client code can be generated from the Operations menu by clicking Get C# Client or Get TypeScript Client.

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