Time Value Type


A Time value type specifies a length of time and can be used to perform mathematical functions upon timestamps.

For more information refer to the TimeSpan Structure topic in MSDN.


A Time value type is defined in the following manner:

Item Behaviour Description
ws Optional White space.
sign Optional Minus sign indicating a negative Time value.
d Optional Days, ranging from 0 to 10675199.
hh Required Hours, ranging from 0 to 23.
mm Required Minutes, ranging from 0 to 59.
ss Optional Seconds, ranging from 0 to 59.
ff optional Fractional seconds, consisting of 1 to 7 decimal digits.

Predefined values

The following is a list of predefined Time values:

Default value 0:00
Minimum value -10675199.02:48:05.4775808
Maximum value 10675199.02:48:05.4775807

Example values

The following is a list of some Time value conversions:

Time value Length of time
0:30 30 seconds
26:00 26 minutes
12:00:00 12 hours
12:26:30 12 hours, 26 minutes and 30 seconds.


A Time attribute value configuration has the following format:

<exampleElement exampleAttribute="12:26:30" />

For more information refer to the TimeSpan.Parse Method topic in MSDN.

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