An entity is a container for identity data in UNIFYBroker. Both connectors and adapters maintain their own collections of entities to describe their current understanding of the identity management solution. Each entity maintains a collection of values which represent the stored identity data - these values correspond to one of the known UNIFYBroker value types.

The state of the connector entities and adapter entities are enforced differently.

Connector Entities

The collection of entities each connector maintains describes it's current understanding of the target identity data store. That same collection is updated by performing any operation against the connector. When a connector begins an import operation, all retrieved identity data is bound to a series of entities. These entities maintain the information described by the Connector Schema.

Adapter Entities

Meanwhile, entities of an adapter are a description of the last imported state by the adapter. The state of the adapter is updated on accepting a request to perform import operations on the adapter. Because of this, it is important that the adapter entity repository is kept up to date by regular import operations in order to ensure the state is completely consistent. These entities maintain the information described by the Adapter Schema.

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