Merge Collections Transformation


The merge collections transformation create a new field with all the values in a set of selected multi-valued fields.

Use Cases

This transformation can be used to accomplish the following:

  • Producing a set union of students in a certain collection of classes
  • Joining two membership lists together
  • Combining two lists where duplicate values are significant


This transformation requires at least one multi-value field.


This transformation adds a multi-valued target field containing the concatenated values.

Image 3919


The merge collections transformation requires the following by way of configuration:

Image 3920

Attribute Description

The list of collections that can be selected.

TIP: Ctrl+Click the selection to register it.
Target Column The new field to be added containing the concatenated multi-valued values.
Members Distinct Whether the target field will only contain distinct values.

Change Processing

During the change detection process, a change will be flagged if any of the source fields are updated in the base or relational connector.

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