Priority in UNIFYBroker/Plus


In the case where multiple links are mapping to a single field, how that field gets updated and by which link can be controlled with priority. Priority configuration can be found on both Locker and Adapter detail pages and consist of a list of potential data sources for each schema field. Initially, all data sources are listed as Unset Priority. Any data sources in this list are considered as tied to lowest possible priority.

Image 4587


To set the priority of a data source for a schema field, click on the Edit button for that field and click the Add to Priority button for the desired unset priority data source. Once set, a data source cannot have its priority unset.

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Once added to the priority list, the position a data source can be edited by clicking the Edit Sequence button. Edit the sequence and drag the data sources into the desired order, click Commit and Save Priority Sequence.

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