Data Quality Script


Runs checks on data quality on FIM Portal objects and repairs where possible. Example checks are:

  • A string value matches one on a referenced object,
  • A boolean value is set correctly,
  • The correct value is set on an object based on the state of a referring object,
  • A value is correct based on the object being a member of a Set.
When checks find an invalid object they may be fixed by:

  • Copying a nominated attribute from a referenced object to the invalid object,
  • Deleting a particular attribute value,
  • Setting an attribute to a specified value,
  • Expiring an object,
  • Forcing a Set re-transition (criteria sets only).
The Checks are defined in the $Checks hashtable which is contained in a separate script - see Checks-Test.ps1 for examples and explanation. To allow different scheduling options this hashtable is defined in a separate file and then passed in as a parameter, allowing different Checks files to be run on different schedules, depending on their load and importance.


  1. You must have FIMPowerShell.ps1 from
  2. Define your Checks. See explanation in the sample Checks-Test.ps1 file.
  3. Modify the default settings for script parameters and the location of the FIMPowerShell.ps1 script (below) to match your environment.


  • ChecksFile (Required) The full path to the script containing the $Checks hashtable.
  • RepairsLogFolder (Required) The folder to use in creating a log of any repairs done.
  • VerboseLogFile (Optional) Logs errors and information about the script run. This is different to repair logs and should be used if troubleshooting this script.