2014-02-19 - Auto-document your FIM Portal Solution


19 February 2014 20:00 UTC

Lync Meeting


  • Henry Schleichardt
  • Carol Wapshere


Auto-document your FIM Portal Solution

Two scripted approaches will be presented and shared – a visual representation of your portal policy produced in Visio, and a complete configuration document produced in Word.


Søren Granfeldt has a new release candidate for his FIM2010 PowerShell MA. He welcomes feedback about bugs and other findings. RC download link - http://bit.ly/1kBy55h. Main news for this version is the option to impersonate another user than the Synchronization Service account when running the PowerShell scripts. That actually gives you the option of two different sets of credential to use when hitting your target system with the scripts. Original link for PowerShell MA - http://blog.goverco.com/p/powershell-management-agent.html

Eihab Isaac won a a TechNet Guru Gold Medal for his post on installing BHOLD. Congratulations Eihab! http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/22621.fim-2010-installing-bhold-fim-integration.aspx


Youtube video

Get the Scripts

Visio scripts: Visio Representations of Portal Policy

Word scripts: Automatic Word Documentation


FIM User Group.pptx