Understand change detection better

Adrian Corston 5 months ago in UNIFYBroker Service updated by Matthew Davis (Product Manager) 4 months ago 2

I have these adapter transforms set up:

Changes to the EmployeeNumbers attribute should flow through the following other attributes in this order:

  1. MemberADUPNs (first MVG transform)
  2. MemberAzureUPNs (PowerShell transform)
  3. MemberAzureIDs (second MVG transform)

Sometimes when EmployeeNumbers values are updated I see MemberADUPNs and MemberAzureUPNs updating correctly, but MemberAzureIDs does not update with the new value like it should.

Q1. Is this because "PowerShell transforms break change detection"?  i.e. UNIFYBroker doesn't know that it needs to run the second MVG transform to update MemberAzureIDs, because it has no way to know that that MemberAzureUPNs may be updated by the PowerShell transform?

Q2. Could Beau's new "Register-Contribution" cmdlet be used in the PowerShell transform to make it so it does?

Affected Versions:
Fixed by Version:

I removed the PowerShell transform and sent it back to the customer for re-testing.  Unfortunately the problem persists, so I have raised https://voice.unifysolutions.net/en/communities/6/topics/4260-multivalue-group-tranform-didnt-update-field-when-source-field-was-updated for clarity.  This ticket can be closed off now to avoid confusion.