Statistics Summary

Peter Wass 13 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 3

Currently there is no easy way to get stats on a connector or adapter. It would be good to be able to see:

  • Number of current objects
  • Number of changes in change register
  • Number of pending exports (to connected system or FIM)
    (Note the last two may be the same...)
  • Date / Time of last run import / export
  • Number of Errors / Warnings from last import / export run
  • Probably some more things but they're not coming off the top of my head.

Making this available via WMI would probably also be useful to allow management packs / websites etc to generate this as a report feature.

A hover-over would work on the display but in some cases you'd like the stats to be on the screen permanently - perhaps allow a configuration block where the admin can add required info for the connector / adapter.

Note: The changes for the adapter should include ALL underlying connector changes (I assume they do).

I'm not sure if there's some more info on EB integration but probably. Haven't used it enough to get a good feel for it.

Hi Peter,

We agree wholeheartedly about the statics you would like, and most should be quite easy for us even with what's currently available. I'm just a little confused as to what you mean by:

perhaps allow a configuration block where the admin can add required info for the connector / adapter.

Are you referring to being able to configure which stats you're interested in for a particular connector/adapter?

Yes - I was thinking that for some you'd want specific things, not so for others. It would depend on the system and the relevance. Perhaps also allow filtering of the stats (show me all errors containing Aurion -1 but ignore everything else).

I'm not sure if you can do this one (and its probably more of an event broker thing): but also being able to view the run history of FIM without having to RDP to the console would be fantastic. As a separate 'plugin' for the EB or IB studio but allowing the same filtering etc.

Selection of relevant statistics sounds good. For something like "show all Aurion -1 errors" we might have to wait and see, as it may be more difficult but could also be done by just searching the existing logs.

WMI integration is on the roadmap but not for this issue, as we're holding off on reporting on IdB/EB until then next version. Nobody's ever given us a clear definition of what information they want, and based on past experiences we're opting not to implement half-completed features.

See IDB-127 for all the other requests on statistics.

Thanks again for the ideas.