Conflicting web service definitions between deployments

Patrick Johannessen 10 years ago in UNIFYBroker/RiskMan.Net updated by anonymous 9 years ago 5

Lifehouse and our test Riskman environment have conflicting web service namespaces, which means the connector has to be recompiled against each one depending on what the client has. I've asked Riskman (company) what to do about this but have not received an answer.

Date: 5/05/2014 10:30 AM
From; Patrick
To; Simon Welsh (simonw@riskman.net.au)
Subject: Riskman.Net web service question

Good morning Simon,

Hope things are well on your end.

From what I understand the deployment of our RiskMan integration product at Lifehouse went very well and is now up and running in production, so thank you again for your help in making that happen.

We did run in to one small issue relating to the namespaces of the web service though; the namespace of our test instance (https://online.riskman.net.au/RiskManACTHealthUnifyTest/WebServices/GenericWebService.asmx) is tempuri.org while Lifehouse’s instance is riskman.net.au. As such we had to recompile our software to contain the new namespace.

Is there a way I can know ahead of time what the namespace will be? Is it configuration, version, hosted vs on-premise or something else?

Thanks in advance,

Follow-up email sent 04/06/2014

  • Current development build v4.1:
    • References the riskman namespace.
    • Must be rebuilt because of the Framework Core web assembly v1.0.0.0 issue.
  • If both namespaces are potentially valid then there need to be two communicators (with a switch in the agent).
  • If only the riskman namespace is valid, we need to request a new test environment with that namespace.

Only the riskman namespace is valid. I've asked Simon about getting our test instance upgraded, in the meantime the source control should be sorted out so that default contains the correct namespace.

Source control sorted. Only outstanding issue now is getting the test environment onto a version with the correct namespace.

The instance has been upgrade:

I have upgraded the online site for you:

This will have the newer namespace for you.