Delta import fails when last seen change log entry not found.

Beau Harrison (Senior Product Software Engineer) 9 years ago in UNIFYBroker/Microsoft Identity Manager updated by anonymous 9 years ago 2

When performing a delta import, the MA performs a change log request for the last seen change log entry. If the change log entry has been cleared or truncated so the last seen change log entry no longer exists the delta operation stops and the following exception message is logged by FIM

The extensible extension returned an unsupported error.
 The stack trace is:
 "System.Exception: Changelog corruption detected. Could not find changelog entry with change number 48.
   at Unify.Product.IdentityBroker.LdapConnectionProxy.PartitionDeltaRequestPaged(String partitionDN, Int64 lastChangeNumber, Int32 pageSize) in s:\HG\Product\FIMMA\Working\Source\Unify.IdentityBroker.FIMAdapter\LdapConnectionProxy.cs:line 189
   at System.Linq.Enumerable.<SelectManyIterator>d__14`2.MoveNext()
   at System.Linq.Enumerable.WhereSelectEnumerableIterator`2.MoveNext()
   at System.Linq.Enumerable.<SelectManyIterator>d__14`2.MoveNext()
   at Unify.Product.IdentityBroker.ExtensionMethods.Take[TSource](IEnumerator`1 source, Int32 count, IList`1& items)
   at Unify.Product.IdentityBroker.ExtensionMethods.<Page>d__0`1.MoveNext()
   at Unify.Product.IdentityBroker.ImportProxy.Import(GetImportEntriesRunStep importRunStep) in s:\HG\Product\FIMMA\Working\Source\Unify.IdentityBroker.FIMAdapter\ImportProxy.cs:line 113
Forefront Identity Manager 4.1.3599.0"

The MA should perform some kind of discovery procedure at this point. Also ensure that a last seen change number of 0 (changeLogKey auto increment starts at 1) is covered.

Performing a delta import when last seen changelog entry has been deleted now produces an error in FIM which notifies the user that a changelog corruption has occurred, and instructs them to perform a full import.