Unclear as to how to edit an adapter DN

Matthew Clark 11 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 2

Just some immediate gut reactions to trying to configure an adapter DN (before I have long enough to think like a developer and justify it)

  • It's a bit confusing as to how to go to edit the DN template. The path you take is to "Edit Adapter Properties" and on its second screen, but I wouldn't have immediately known by looking at it. This is also a bit confusing after IdB 4 lets you click directly on the DN template button
  • Mousing over the template shows the "Edit" word at the very right hand side of the template window. My instinct was to go "yes I do want to edit it, click where my mouse is to edit it". Instead, you have to go over to the Edit button to do so.

Would be worth getting some other opinions on how people feel when using it but those were my immediate reactions

I agree there should be a more obvious way of doing this. The DN screen follows a post from the first page, so you may need to split this logic up.

This has been done, let me know if there are any issues.