Are we able to filters users in IdB SAP / Callista connectors ?

Monash 9 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 6

Is there a way to filter users/objects in IdB connector in SAP (sapPerson) or Callista?

If so, where can we do those settings?


I don't really understand the requirement. Please elaborate more by giving an example.


If we want to filter users from coming into IdB DB from the datasource

Say for eg: in sapPerson.. If the incoming object doesnot have ENDDA and NACHN then ignore..

We know that is what schema is for.. but we might have some cases where we don't want warnings in the logs.. just the set of users filtered out and not going into IdB DB

similar to connector filter function in a MA

There currently is no generic way to do this in Identity Broker for two reasons:

  • The operation wouldn't be using native functionality to the target system. Imports would take just as long as non-filtered imports;
  • Identity Broker has historically tried to be a true representation of the data available in the target system. It also represents it's data as being all of the available data (FIM full import).

As the second reason has been somewhat eroded due to the ability to import subsets of data using LDAP queries/filters, we will be exploring the area of filtering in the future.

In the short term, there are a few options available:

  • Make use of the filter in FIM (if worried about objects in the connector space use the Declared (Import Filter));
  • If using the Identity Broker for SAP table connector, see if you can make use of the Criteria;
  • Callista is already targeting a view, so update the view to contain the desired condition.


Just to clarify: Monash implementation has a number of connector is using the native SAP table connector which can make use of "Criteria" (Screenshot 1). However, SAPPerson is using the SAP employee connector which has no Criteria condition. Hence, filtering by ENDDA and NACHN for SAP Person will not be possible.

Thanks for the info Adam / Huu

For SAP person, there is the option of updating the ABAP module on the SAP side.