Transformation on Relationship with multivalue return

Richard Courtenay 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 4

Is there a transformation that performs a relation lookup that is capable of returning multiple values?

Currently for a client we have two tables, one has a user ID, the other a userID and an organisation name. A single User ID may be associated with multiple organisation names.

The design calls for a single adapter that has a multi value attribute on a person object listing all the organisation names to which that person belongs. The person object is the only object being flowed into the metaverse for this design.

I've had a look at two exisiting transformations:
Relation.Group (https://unifysolutions.jira.com/wiki/display/IDB306/Group+membership+relational+transformation) - This one returns multiple results, but regardless of whether Relation.Group or Relation.Group.Dn is used, the result appears to be a list of references. As noted already, we only flow the person into FIM and thus we want the actual organisation name, not a reference/DN value.

Relational (https://unifysolutions.jira.com/wiki/display/IDB306/Relational+transformation) - This can flow the actual value, but it will only flow a single value and as far as I can see, does not support output to a multivalue field.

I want to check whether there's an alternative I've some how overlooked. The connectors (one for each sql table) is a straight up unify SQL connector based around the EmpopweHR design. There is the option to redevelop this if needed to handle the work rather than an adapter, but an adapter is preferable.

I would question why you want to dereference these values in this way.

What's the use case for it?

The values are to be displayed in SharePoint in a multi-value field (The value is exported only). The values being dereferenced do not belong to any objects that will be available in Share Point, with the dereferenced values having no correlation to data in any other system. It would probably be overkill to investigate adding an object type to SharePoint just to allow a single multi value string field to be shown.

We could work that into the connectors design itself, and have that manage it, but having an adapter allows us to use the existing SQL connectors with databases that have two tables to provide multi value attribute use where the data in the second table isn't something we want to treat as an identity object in itself but should be a property of an existing object.

Hi Richard,

Have you looked through the extended transformations?

For example IDBXT306:Membership list multi-value transformation.


The transformation suggested by Adam is designed to list DN's. It seems that this transformation may have existed however it no longer does after discussions with the product team. For the project currently being developed, this functionality will be implemented in the connector instead.