Disabled Adapters should return false on Changes Available

Tony Sheehy 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 5

Disabled Adapters should return false on Changes available, with correct alerts on disabling Relational/Base connectors (and corresponding clearing alerts on enabling the adapter).

This is to prevent the FIM or potentially/alternatively EB logs from being flooded with resultant messages about the target adapters being disabled.

This would put the requirement on the user to be aware of the state of IDB with regards to Adapter enablement - the justification for this being that only explicit/manual changes to IdentityBroker components can disable adapters, which means that the user who should care about the adapter being disabled has already been a part of the domain of IdentityBroker in the first place.

The alternatives require either flooding of the FIM log (because the adapter may continue returning true) or the flooding of Event Broker logs with exception messages indicating the adapter is disabled. As we plan to sufficiently warn the user in the event an adapter has become disabled (which can only happen as a result of a change in the Identity Broker application).

Additionally, product documentation should adequately highlight this behaviour when an adapter is disabled, as well as all the mechanisms which can cause an adapter to become disabled. It should also contain a troubleshooting section, answering the question of why a user may not have seen any changes for some time.

This change has been made - the documentation is outstanding.

Complete documentation accordingly.

The behaviour has been confirmed correct in multiple regression tests. Documentation issue created at IDB-720. Please confirm if appropriate

I've confirmed this on numerous builds using the relevant FIM Event Broker version. Closed.