Merge related transformations

Tony Sheehy 12 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 15

The following transformation groupings could be merged into single transformations with additional filters/cleared:

  • Membership List, Membership List Composite Key, Membership List Composite Key with String Priority, Membership List Date Relational
  • Date Relational (Standard, Next Placement, Recent, Relevant, String Priority), Relational (standard/string priority), Composite Relational, Composite Relational with String Priority, Time relational and prioritized, time relational.

Where additional filters that could be merged are seen as:

  • The implementations of IncludeItem for relational transformations,

and where standard keyed transformations could be represented as composite key transformations with a single key.

This would substantially cut down on the number of transformations users are expected to understand or wade through before getting to a useful transformation.

Additionally, update the descriptions of transformations on the documentation / factories.

I like the idea of making simplifications in this area. Just keep in mind that backwards compatibility is essential and should be unit tested where possible.

Might pay to look at IDB-749 at the same time.

As UIs need to be migrated, this issue is being run through to reduce number of UIs that need to be migrated.

As discussed, the column mappings format will have to change in case there field names that include the strings that are split on. A new line is a good candidate because it's not possible to configure a key with it. Not sure what else you could use for the other split string though.

IDB-554 is the issue that I was thinking about.

Remaining on UIs

  • Individual testing
  • Required flags for validation
  • Field drop downs ( Html.SchemaFieldsFor(model => model.Field, Model.Schema) )

Remove multivalue from constant value transformation types.

Make sure that missing-required value types are handled correctly.

Confirm correctness of contributions following merge.

Remaining: Membership list.

Filter multivalues out for both the Multivalue Group and Foreign Multivalue group, to make it easier to see which one is which.

Standard dictionary for special keys

Remaining work:

  • Serialization of Mappings/Relationships
  • Backwards compatibility manual confirmation.
  • Backwards compatibility unit tests/confirmation.

DN Field is not required for Join, but displayed as such on UI.

PowerShell transformation.

Adam van Vliet confirm during regression test.

Closed. IDB-839 will look at PowerShell transformation.