Use Local Time consistently for log browsing

Richard Courtenay 10 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 2

This impacts both Identity Broker and FIM Event Broker 3.0.2.

I personally think it's counter intuitive that a days worth of logs is loading in a GMT based set of data but any times output to the UI are the local system timezone. I can't think of any situations where I want the dataset to be aligned to GMT. Ideally, if on the Logging section I select a days worth of logs (say 8 Feb 2014) then every log entry should appear in that date range starting at 12:00AM and going to 11:59PM.

I've atatched a screenshot where you can see the log starts and stops around 11AM which is counter intuitive for end user browsing and arguably incorrect given the mismatch between the page header and the actual log entries.


Hi Richard,

I've included details of your requests in a logging issue for IDB5: IDB-1130

How we store the dates (UTC) is the correct way to do it and won't change; but the rolling over of the logs at midnight UTC causing the logs to split locally is a problem, primarily introduced because of the less than ideal daily CSVs we have. Can probably do something to improve this, particularly if we decide to move to a new format.

Thanks Pat. I have no real preference to how the back end is managed, so in that regard UTC is fine for back end. It's purely a matter of front end consistency.