Improve exception message for duplicate key export.

Tony Sheehy 11 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 2

The following is the exception message thrown when:

  • An export is made to add an entity that exists in the connector context, but not in the adapter context
  • The above, but also in the adapter context
Adapter request to add entity 1b0c3763-74f7-427f-a9d7-fa631b73f59f to adapter space 2d47c278-269c-4063-aff9-dad4548f8954 failed with reason Entity (DN: 'CN=6e5255c6-de86-632d-a6d2-c866f8f6027c') with key '6e5255c6-de86-632d-a6d2-c866f8f6027c' mismatch on Entity Id 1b0c3763-74f7-427f-a9d7-fa631b73f59f..

This message isn't descriptive of the problem, and more importantly covers up validation for breaking the key constraint on export; this doesn't break the validation as the export still fails, but it's not descriptive of the behaviour.

Message updated to

'CN=Example' is known by the 'CSV Employees' base connector of this adapter but is not in the adapter context. This may happen if the adapter has been cleared or an error has occurred during a past import. Perform an Import All operation on this adapter to refresh its context.

Duplicate key validation will then kick in on subsequent exports.

Reassigned for confirmation of completion.