Multi-valued (DN) transformation all same dn's

Dilip Ramakrishnan 10 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 2

Multi-valued Distinguished Name (DN) attribute type transformation not working as expected.

DistinguishedNameConverted transformation is set as below for group

FOR IN [portalAccessMembers]
     DN:<span class="code-quote">"CN=[portalAccessMembers],DC=Parent"</span> -> [portalAccessMembersDN] 

PortalAccessMembers values are returned as multi-values. But PortalAccessMembersDN contains single value.

Edit (Adam): It appears that PortalAccessMembersDN contains many of the same value.

Dilip Ramakrishnan, I have fixed this up and it will be available in the next release I do.

Let me know when you post the MSI