When is the Adapter's transformation taking place

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I would like to get a better understanding/clarification of the sequence of events flow for Identity Broker as to when is the Adapter transformation being process. For example,

  1. As part of Import in Unify Management Studio or per Connector's getEntity schedule (either a "Full Import" or "Synchronise Import"

  2. During Adapter Entity Search in Unify Management Studio

  3. During Import in FIM (either a "Full Import" or "Delta Import")

The Identity Broker's log file seems to indicate that the Adapter activities only take places during the last two events. Thus the reason for this question, as I would like to be able to answer a similar question when asked by customer.

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Please help to change the priority of this question to "Minor", not "Major".


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As for this question, you are correct - transformations are processed on the adapter side, ie. in a response to a full import or delta import call from FIM. For reference, the adapter entity search is the same as a FIM full import call, and can be used to check your transformations without using FIM

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Additional to Matthew's answer, transformations are processed in a few locations.

The first is when a change is detected in a connector entity (during Identity Broker's full import, synchronise or responder processes), an algorithm involving the transformations is used to generate items for the Changes Register, which stored when an item in the adapter is likely to change. For instance, if a Placement connector had the following change:

Field Before After
detnumber 1055 1055
posnumber 1999 1999
posstart 20/Jan/2005 20/Jan/2005
posend empty 15/Jan/2011

and this change was detected on 1/Jan/2011, and the Employee adapter had a base connector of Employee and was joined to Placement using the Date Relational transformation, then a changes register item would be generated for employee 1055 for the 15/Jan/2011. An error in the algorithm is what caused IDB-13.

If FIM performs a Full Import against an adapter, then the transformations are used to calculate all identities based on the transformation rules to supply the information to FIM, and these items are stored in an entity repository for the adapter so that Identity Broker knows what was last seen by FIM. All changes register items for that adapter that occur in the past are also removed.

During a FIM Delta Import, Identity Broker retrieves the changes register items for that adapter, generates what the current state of those items are using the transformation rules, calculates the differences against the last known items shown to FIM, and then supplies FIM with the differences. The new state of each identity is then saved in the entity repository for the adapter for the next delta change sets, and the change register items that occurred in the past are then removed from the changes register. As it is impossible to determine in advanced the accurate state of identities in the future, it is possible for Identity Broker to report a false-positives for delta changes, although this doesn't effect the outcome within FIM.

During an export, Identity Broker uses the transformations to remove fields that were calculated by transformations so that only the base connector fields remain and are written back to the connected source.

Shane, if you feel that any of this information can and/or should be in the Identity Broker documentation, please contribute to the Identity Broker v3.0.4 and v3.0.5 documentation.

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I have read and acknowledge additional detailed information provided by Shane Day.

I would like to further clarify the following:

Post a "Synchronise Import", would performing the "Adapter entity search" in the Management Unify Studio also remove the changes register?
Also would a "Detla Import" in FIM still fetch the changes register post a "Adapter entity search"?

I find these details to be very important in understanding the processing and interaction between the Identity Broker's Connector and Adapter and FIM, particularly for analysing and troubleshooting. Thus I believe it is important to have this information available. However, I am not certain which documentation is most appropriate to hold this information.

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Performing the Adapter entity search has no effect on the changes register. Delta Imports in FIM will still fetch the changes as before.

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Thanks Shane. Sorry I forgotten to re-open the question issue.

I have read and acknowledge the clarification on the "Adapter entity search" impact on to the removal of the "changes register". No removal taken place, thus this leave "Delta Import" in FIM to obtain the approoriate detla change, as the expect behaviour.

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