Date-Relational Adapter Configuration Not Saved

Patrick Johannessen 12 years ago updated by anonymous 8 years ago 3

When I create a Date-Relational Adapter the RangeEndColumn isn't being saved. It creates fine but when I click back into it the RangeEndKey value returns the default in the drop down list.

This seems to be caused by the configuration not being saved properly as uploaded. The RangeEndKey="00:00:00", it looks like it should equal the field name selected as with RangeStartKey="posstart".

Further, I edited the adapter config manually and restarted. It loaded in correctly so that the correct value was selected in the drop-down box but when I hit submit query then looked again it had changed back to the "00:00:00" value.


I checked this for each of the Date Relational types: Recent, Relevant, with String Priority and Next Placement and it was the same for each. I also checked the Adapter Configuration directly after creating the thing to be certain that viewing the transformation wasn't affecting it in some way and the problem presented straight after creation without viewing.

Tony, another one to confirm please.

Hi Daniel, I was unable to reproduce this issue - there have been some significant changes recently to the service controllers that decide how this information is delegated - which may have fixed up this problem; either way, unless there was something else that happened during your testing this behaviour is no longer a problem.

Reassigned for confirmation of completion.