How to build x64 Installers

Richard Courtenay 12 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 2

Do we have any written down instructions or coded examples of what is required to build a x64 installer for a connector for distribution to clients.

I've created a number of connectors in the past, generally starting from an existing connector project and then building from there. One common issue is I've always built to x86. It would be handy, but not essential, to build to x64 given the x64 version of Identity Broker is what most clients I've seen use. So far working out how to get the installer project of any solution I've come across to output a x64 version has eluded me.

Please treat this as very low priority as we can copy the files over. If it a simple task that can be easily documented (or already is documented and I couldn't find it) then it'd be very much appreciated.

An example of a connector I've done some work on would be the Marval one for SSICT. Theres an installer project in the source code repository.

Are you using the ConnectorInstallerx86Compiler? If so, please try the ConnectorInstallerCompiler. This should output both the x86 and x64 msi's.

If you are using the ConnectorInstallerCompiler, then try setting a break-point just after the call to compilerOnjectName.Compile(), so that you can see if there are any errors in the console window as it builds the installers.


Hi Adam, I was using ConnectorInstallerCompiler.

I had a look and compared the project to the eMinerva connector. The problem was I was referencing older installer dll's that were in the projects source. I've updated the references to newer versions and x64 version s are now being built.