LDAP Client cannot add entity if DN Template uses IdBID

Beau Harrison (Senior Product Software Engineer) 9 years ago updated by anonymous 9 years ago 7

If a adapter DN template is generated using the IdBID, a LDAP client cannot add entities as the add request requires a DN, which includes a new guid value, however the IdBID is still generated for the entities creation. This means the DN supplied doesn't match the newly created entities generated DN, resulting in the following error.

Handling of LDAP add request.
Handling of LDAP add request from user Admin on connection to add an entity with a distinguished name of UID=EA866F73-1AFD-483C-9D8B-37DE4A982A38,OU=childCon,DC=IdentityBroker failed with error "Add request failed as the converted DN UID=7f30b4c7-dd4d-4aef-9200-ee9570282069,OU=childCon,DC=IdentityBroker does not match the request DN UID=EA866F73-1AFD-483C-9D8B-37DE4A982A38,OU=childCon,DC=IdentityBroker.". Duration: 00:00:00.0250182.

Is there a reason LDAPModifyRequestToEntityConverter has a field _Entity that holds a reference to the entity being transformed? Same for ModifyRequestHandler holding a reference to _Converter?

Same issue with LDAPModifyRequestToEntityConverter.

The pattern in LDAPModifyRequestToEntityConverter where Handlers is a property should be converted to a static dictionary, where the dictionary value signature will have to change to accommodate the new variables that each of the methods will require (as they will be static they can't use the fields in the class).

Probably left overs from a change, not needed anymore so I removed them.

I've pushed a change to LDAPAddRequestToEntityConverter that applies the entryUUID field to the entity id.

Resolved,to be tested.

Confirmed fixed. Was able to add entity with DN formed from UUID.